How has Live Planet been able to solve these
problems and create this amazing camera?

By drawing upon the accomplishments, and vision of Halsey Minor, Internet pioneer and Live Planet’s founder

With deep experience in technology, media, and cloud platforms as CNET founder, producer of its television programs, and co-founder of, Halsey has assembled a world-class team of experts to bring his passions and experiences together. The goal: to transform the world of video toward a more compelling, controllable future for consumers everywhere.

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In 1997, Halsey spun off technology developed by CNET to Vignette, a web publishing software company, Vignette was one of the most successful IPOs of the first tech boom, reaching a market capitalization of $10.7 billion in 2000. Not only is Halsey a technology pioneer, he also produced five television shows on major television networks. Minor also found E! Online, not to mention gave Ryan Seacreast his big break.

Halsey also provided the seed funding for trailblazing music service Rhapsody in 1998. In 1999, Halsey invested $19.5 million in, forseeing the emerging cloud-computing industry that Salesforce led with its “No Software” slogan.


Today, this visionary has founded Reality Lab – a twenty year dream realized. He is setting his sights on replacing traditional television with immersive VR technologies — by developing the underlying hardware, systems and solutions that next-generation visual media creators and distributors need to deliver this kind of content to everyone.

Halsey’s experience in cloud computing and his unwavering determination to build what hasn’t been built before is why this system can exist.